Multiservice Solutions

GDC Systems' mission is to empower WAN operators with multiservice application solutions.

Most Wide Area Networks (WAN) are hybrid by definition. While diverse technologies make the WAN a melting pot, well defined structures or spheres of activity that comprise the WAN persist including:


  • Access
  • Aggregation Multiservice Edge
  • Transport Core


GDC's broadband products populate and manage voice, video, and data traffic across these separate WAN spheres, even in bandwidth-constrained environments. Whether your requirement calls for native Ethernet, IP, Frame Relay, TDM, or ATM services, GDC can support these same native service interfaces and manage flow sensitive, standards based transmission using MPLS packet switching technology across the WAN.

By "Hybrid Networking," GDC defines an approach to evolving WAN networks that presupposes the coexistence of established technology solutions alongside the capabilities of more recently introduced communications platforms. Hybrid Networking reconciles your needs (and environments) with the right product solution for the network space. GDC' hybrid networking model and product mix assumes that not one-size-fits-all; it is not the replacement of one technology for another, simply because a technology has more currency in the marketplace.

Xedge 6000Xedge MSPx Platform

Forward-looking network planners not only support new and legacy services, but are also migrating towards transport technologies such as MPLS that converge Layer 2 and Layer 3 switching of any-to-any services. GDCs Xedge MultiService Packet Exchange platform (MSPx) can interconnect remote enterprise sites with emerging Ethernet/IP and legacy services across an MPLS or ATM WAN.

Xedge MSPx enables Metro Ethernet Forum compliant Ethernet services on the same cost-effective and reliable platform that offers native services such as TDM, Frame Relay and ATM. This convergence entails a graceful, incremental migration and mediation between legacy circuits and new packet-based services. Users benefit by accessing the richest variety of standards-compliant service modules and interface speeds, along with advanced packet technology that reliably and securely satisfies user demand for new services.

At the heart of the Xedge MSPx platform is the Packet Cell Switch (PCx) and Packet Circuit Emulation (PCE) modules. The Xedge PCx enables Metro Ethernet Forum compliant E-Line services over an MPLS or ATM backbone. It also supports the transport of legacy TDM, ATM and Frame Relay service packets using pseudowires. A variety of additional plug-in slot controllers can be added to support diverse services. The Xedge PCe controller serves as a convergence gateway for the efficient transport of TDM-Ethernet over a packetswitched network. PCx and PCe can interface seamlessly with a diverse complement of Xedge line interface modules.

Xedge 6002

The bottom line is GDC's strategic product vision is to provide standards-based technology that yields maximum return on investment over the life cycle of ownership, using emerging technologies such as Pseudowires, GDC can deliver true convergence over multiple services on the WAN.


Data Sheets

pdf Overview - GDC Systems

pdf Xedge Packet Cell Switch - PCx - Overview

pdf IP Services Gateway - ISG2

pdf Packet Cell Switch - PCx

pdfXedge Packet Cell Link Controller - PCL

pdfXedge Serial I/O LIM

pdfXedge Adaptive Serial I/O LIM

pdfXedge OC-n / STM-n LIM

pdfXedge Circuit Emulation Module

pdfXedge PDH Controller Module

pdf TID-4 Time Independent Data Transport

pdf Xedge Packet Circuit Emulation - PCe -

pdfXedge Analog Voice Module

pdfXedge Voice Service Module

pdfXedge T1/E1- 28 Port HD LIM

pdfXedge T1/E1- 16 Port LIM

pdfXedge DSX1-IMA T1 Line Interface Module for ATM inverse Multiplexing

pdfXedge LCE-16 Line Interface Module

pdfXedge E1-IMA Line Interface Module for ATM inverse Multiplexing

pdfXedge DS1-2CS-4CS Line Interface Module

pdfXedge E1-2CS/4CS Line Interface Modules

pdfXedge HSSI Line Interface Module

pdfXedge DS3-2C T3 Line Interface Module for Circuit Emulation with Enhanced Clocking

pdfXedge E3-2C E3 Line Interface Module for Circuit Emulation with Enhanced Clocking

pdfXedge ATM Cell Processing Module

pdfXedge Node Timing Module

pdfXedge Quad Port Ethernet Interface

pdfXedge Ethernet Controller

pdfXedge Switch Fabric

pdfXedge DSLIM

pdfProSphere Network Management Suite For Xedge MultiService Networks

pdfXedge 6002 Compact Xedge Chassis 1RU

pdfXedge 6160 5-Slot Chassis

pdfXedge 6280 10-Slot Chassis

pdfXedge Chassis System Power/Management

pdfXedge 664X 16-Slot Chassis


Product Briefs

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Solutions Brief

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