GDC Factory Direct Services

GDC Factory Direct Repair


GDC provides regular and warranty repair services at its Factory Direct Repair Center in Oxford CT. See note below.
Standard factory service includes repair on a best effort basis at the repair center.
Repair information is provided as follows:

Factory Repair Services: U.S.
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Regular / Warranty Service:
• Best effort basis.
      o return via UPS land
Factory Repair Services: International
• Factory Quote
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When returning a unit for repair, wrap the unit in static-free material and if possible ship it in the original carton. Please enclose the following:
• A description of the failure
• Company and contact name
• Shipping & Billing addresses
• Telephone and fax numbers
• Email address
• Purchase Order Number or letter of authorization
• Contract Number (If Applicable)
• Commercial Invoice (International Only)
• Desired turnaround
See Online Repair Request Form for Shipping Requirements
See note below.

• GDC at its option provides a repair or replace warranty for its equipment based on a return to factory policy at GDC's facility.
• GDC provides a warranty period of twelve (12) months from the date of shipment of the product on hardware manufactured by GDC and one hundred twenty (120) days on software.
• For Non-GDC manufactured products GDC will assign, if assignable, any warranties provided to us by the manufacturer, if any.
• Repair services that are provided will be warranted for ninety(90) days from the date of shipment of the repaired product or the balance of the applicable warranty period, whichever is greater.
Hardware Warranty
• Covers defects in materials and/or workmanship during the published warranty period for the specific hardware product.
• You will incur the expense of returning the product to GDC and GDC will incur the expense of returning the repaired or replaced product, if covered by warranty, to you. You will have the risk of loss to the product during shipment to or from our premises or that of our designated facility.
Software Warranty
• Upon notification by you in writing during the specific warranty period GDC will correct failure of the software to substantially conform to the published software specifications for the specific product.
• There will not be a charge to you if the failure is covered by the specific warranty.
Warranty Exclusions
GDC's hardware and software warranties contain standard warranty exclusions including, but not limited to, the need for you to not alter the product; to use/maintain the product according to product specifications, and not to subject the product to misuse, accident or disaster. Detailed exclusions are set forth in signed agreements.

The above paragraphs outline some of the warranty protections that GDC provides on equipment. This information is provided solely to assist you in selecting products for purchase. Specific warranty provisions are set out in signed agreements between GDC and you, our customer.