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Xedge TID-4

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GDC's Xedge 6000 Time Independent Data IV is a bit-transparent, serial-data-over-packet solution that combines clock recovery and wide area transport over private or public networks. The Xedge
TID-4 is ideally suited for the isochronous and non-standard baud rate communication of DoD, MoD, Aerospace, Transportation, or specialized commercial networks.

The TID-4 maintains the clock/data relationship in critical commercial or government applications, such as Telemetry and unidirectional data transport, as well as satellite circuits that are asymetric due to up.downlink bandwidth differences.

TID-4 Key Features:

  • Provides interworking between systems that are timed independent of the transport network.
  • Supports a variety of tranport interfaces and protocols.
  • Allows per port configuration to standard and non-standard data rates from 2.4Kbps to 10 Mbps.
  • Supports Ethernet, MPLS-Pseudowire or ATM transmission over a satellite facility.
  • Supports simplex, duplex and asymmetric operations.
  • Managed via SNMP or via GDC's ProSphere Network Management System


Data Sheets

pdf TID-4 Time Independent Data Transport
pdfXedge 6002 Chassis




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